Tanner Pang

Hatha & Vinyasa







Tanner was first drawn to yoga in Spring of 2014 because of the back pain she had been suffering for several years. She was so surprised by how yoga could help relieve pain from her back. Living and working in hectic Hong Kong, she is also in love with the concept of letting go and balance that enables her to free both her body and mind from lingering tension.

After experiencing the benefits of yoga, Tanner decided to deepen her yoga journey. She went on to complete International Yoga Academy’s 200-hour Teacher Training in Spring of 2015 and Aum YogaAcademy’s 300-hour Teacher Training in Winter of 2019. She started teaching yoga from Spring of 2016. She has practised Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin yoga, from which she learned different techniques and influenced her style of teaching.

Tanner has great passion for sharing yoga to everyone. She has been teaching in various studios and hopes to lead the participants to explore their body, mind and spirit, as well as to experience the balance and stillness through different postures, movements and breathing. She also focuses on the body alignment in order to get the maximum benefit from the postures.

On top of that, Tanner enjoys teaching sport groups because of her multi-sport background throughout high school. She aims to increase the athletes' performance by improving their flexibility, mobility and strength, and relieve their muscle tensions after practice. Her students include one of the local rugby teams, a swimming team in a renowned secondary school and BJJ players, etc.

Tanner truly believes that yoga is for everyone and cannot wait to walk through the yoga journey with you.


Tanner 因背痛多年而於2014年首次接觸瑜伽,她的背部疼痛得到改善而慢慢發現瑜伽的魔力。 在繁忙的香港生活和工作中,她也愛上瑜伽了放下和平衡的概念。

體驗瑜伽帶來的好處後,Tanner決定加深了解瑜伽。 她於2015年完成了國際瑜伽學院的200小時教師培訓,並於2019年完成了Aum YogaAcademy的300小時教師培訓,從2016年開始教授瑜伽。她練習哈達瑜伽,串聯瑜伽和陰瑜伽,並影響了她的教學風格。

Tanner非常熱衷於向別人分享瑜伽。 她曾在多個工作室任教,並希望帶領參與者探索他們的身體,思想和精神,並通過不同的姿勢,動作和呼吸來體驗平衡與靜止。 她還專注於身體正位,以從中獲得最大益處。另外,Tanner在整個高中時期都喜歡運動,因為她具有多種體育背景,她亦熱衷於通過瑜伽來提高運動員的表現,並在練習後減輕其肌肉緊張。 她曾教授當地的一支橄欖球隊,一所中學的游泳隊和BJJ運動員等。